Who Do You Say That He Is?- Apologetic Article

Author’s note: I posted a video with the same name a few days back, the reason why I held on to the apologetic till now was because it dealt with issues in the video I will post today, plus I didn’t want to spoil anything. PS: This post will get me in a lot of trouble.


John 1:1-5

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Yahweh, and the Word was Yahweh. He was with Yahweh in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.

Here we have a description of Yahshua as the son of Yahweh, but also as the creator of heaven and earth and all the things in them. For along time now these passages have been used as Trinitarian proofs to the nature of the Creator. These passages cite that The Son was preexisting with the Father at the creation of the universe. The implication however to the Trinitarians are that the Son and the Father along with the Holy Spirit are one being. This is not the case, at least not the way you’re thinking.

John made a point to call or describe Yahshua as “The Word.” While most interpret that as the Son is the spokesmen of the three, another option would be to call Him the Voice, the literal Voice of the Creator Himself. This doesn’t disprove the preexistence of Yahshua before his birth to Mary. It does however give a different twist to the story. Yahshua didn’t preexist as a man, but as the authority of the very words Yahweh spoke. To carry the metaphor all the way, the Holy Spirit as it were would be the breath of Yahweh that empowers voice to speak. Those three do exist in one, but not as three “brothers” standing around hugging each other for all eternity. Yahweh envisioned, the Breath empowered, and Voice spoke it into existence.

Colossians 1:15-17

He is the image of the invisible Yahweh, the firstborn over all creation. For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

Now that Yahshua has left his former station as the voice of Yahweh, and became man like Adam born without the curse of sin, He then died as a sacrifice for sin and exist now at the right hand of the Father, who is he in relationship to Yahweh now? Paul in Colossians says that Yahshua is the image of Yahweh, who is invisible, for the world to see. Both John and Paul have gone on to say that all things were made through Yahshua. Is Yahshua then the Creator of Heaven and Earth?

Technically yes and no, but the more important question does Yahweh want us to refer to Yahshua as such. Yahshua said that, “If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me,” So then there is a power in the identity of Yahshua that Yahweh wants to have honored. However, Yahshua also said, “The Father and I are one. I only do what I see the Father doing.” If Yahweh thought and planned the universe’s laws and functions, then Yahshua would have been the empowerment to enable that plan. It could be a never ending spiral of debate. All now have now is a simple question to ask of Yahweh. Who do you say that you are?

Yahshua asked this of Peter to understand just how he and the others perceived him. The answer of course being, “You are the Messiah, Son of the Living Yahweh.” Yahshua praised him for his answer saying that, “Only the Father could have revealed this to you.” Now being faced with the question of who is the being that we are to honor with the title of Creator, we now ask Yahweh himself, who do you say that you are?

In today’s modern lingo the world knows Christianity’s deity as God, capital “G”, a lower cased “o”, (or a hyphen if you’re a purist) with a lower case “d” and no it does not spell dog backwards. The funny thing is that God isn’t a name, neither is the term the “Lord”.(all upper case to denote supreme superiority, or to keep the serifs from being a confused) Phrases like; “Lifting up the name of the LORD,” or “in God’s name we pray” ring an annoying ring for the gods and goddess’ answering service because they do not know to whom to direct your call to. The argument to this point are twofold; one is based on the intent of the heart and the other is to avoid sinning.

Many will argue that the LORD knows my heart and intent and that my prayer doesn’t get sent through an answering service because I have a direct line to the father via his son Jesus Christ. So why honor the name of God? He knows what I mean. If you got a phone call in which the person on the other end asked for a “Mister” or “Missus” the first question you would ask would be, “Mister” or “Missus” who? There are a lot of Misters and Missus out there, just as Paul noted that there are lots of gods and goddesses in the world, and if you say that pagan notions are false then you need to understand the term, “Principalities, powers, and rulers of the air” a little better. On that note a Christian would never start a prayer to God with a “Dear Lord Satan” and then turn around a justify it by saying, “He knows I mean Him.” Yet we have done a lot worst then that to His Name.

The second reason why Christians and Jews alike say title like, lord, god, Adonis, uh… I mean Adoni, or use the hyphen instead of the “o”, is because of the third commandment, Do not use the what? The Lord’s name in vain. Well, that easy enough we just won’t use it! With a name like Yahweh they keep it sacred, by keeping it secret. Do we not understand the power behind that name? We should fear and respect it, giving only the highest of high priest permission to speak it, only in the presence of G-O-D himself. King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes, said something very interesting, “Vanity, Vanity, all is Vanity” and even more interesting is that the NIV translates that into “Meaningless, Meaningless, all is Meaningless.” When Yahweh said do not use my name in vain what he was saying was, “Do not make My Name meaningless!” By NOT using His name, we subject it to the ultimate form of vanity.

John 17:25-26

“I am no longer in the world; and yet they themselves are in the world, and I come to You Holy Father, keep them in Your name, the name which You have given Me, that they may be one even as We are… O righteous Father, although the world has not known You, yet I have known You; and these have known that You sent Me; and I have made Your name known to them, and will make it known, so that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”

Yahshua said two things, in his prayer over the disciples before his death, in reverse order; that He (Yahshua) had made His (Yahweh) name known to them. In a society where it was forbidden to utter the name of Yahweh, Yahshua said I told them! For it is the name of Yahweh that is a strong tower for the righteous and whom Adam, Noah, Abraham, and all the sons of Israel called upon. After the time of the Macabees, when the temple was desecrated by the Romans and Judah Ben Macabee and his brothers drove them out, the Pharisees began to form saying that it was because they were saying the name of Yahweh is why they were attacked. So they made a law for the law, the first of many, you do not say the name of Yahweh. Now they say Adoni, which ironically is the name of a pagan god, Adonis. The vowel points are then taken from Adoni and added to the tetragram and used to form, yet another false name for the Creator, Jehovah; Yahweh, Adoni, Adonis, our dear lord Satan, it doesn’t matter, he knows what I mean. Yes, He does know what you mean, you will give him a name of your choosing, not His.

What about the name of Jesus? That is an actual name, and isn’t that what we started talking about here? Is Jesus the Creator, the image of the invisible God? He is not our only way to get to know this unknowable force? Is not Jesus a member of the God head, when we call upon Jesus are we not also calling upon God himself? Yahshua asked this first in His prayer, “Keep them in your name, the name which you have given me, that they maybe as one as we are.” Notice Yahweh named Him, he took no name of his own. The bible has been translated to say that Yahweh named him Jesus. Yet the actual name Jesus didn’t show up until the 14th century, with the hard “J” pronunciation from the French.

This is where name it gets hung up in the telephone cord. Rather than try to pronounce it phonically, by sound, (like did you know that in Spanish Urkle’s name is Urkle?) they chose to incorporate it into their language. (Joe is not the correct translation to english of the Spanish Jose) Does one have to pronounce it just right to be righteous? No, this where intent matters. As long as you are responsible to the information given and understand that is it important to honor a correct name. (Ask Jaleel White if he still wants people call him Steve Urkle.) Jesus came from the French, in the latin it was, Iesus, which wasn’t common use until 300 years after his life. Even more hotly contested is the usage of the greek word Iesous, which most believe to mean Jesus, yet there are many out there who would claim that Iesous actually stands for- Hail (Ie) Zeus (sous). Of course there are different words that denote the name of Zeus, such as Deus and Dieus. The only visual connection would be the “us” at the end of each name. However, that is just the Greeks right? Could that just be a language root? Or is there something for nefarious here? Then again it doesn’t matter what we call him, or what the history of His Name is, he understands what we mean right? Right?

The important part of the Yahshua’s name is the Yah. At the time of Yahshua they were plenty of children running around named Yeshua after the great General who lead the Israelites to capture the promised land, we know him as Joshua. Interestingly enough Joshua is an excellent transliteration of Yeshua or Yahshua for that matter, and even more interestingly the name Joshua appears in the book of Hebrews unscathed by Greek and latin transliteration to Iesous and Iesus. What’s in the Name? The identity of Yahweh himself. Yahshua, means more then Yeshua, “Yahweh delivers” it means “I am your Deliverer!” Yahweh is with us indeed.

Who are we praying to when we say the name of Jesus? Is it really the son of Zeus? Of course not, but allow me to show you something interesting. If Yahshua was the voice of Yahweh and not a member of the triad god head, then who was he when he was here on earth? Paul called Yahshua the Last Adam, which instinctually connects to the first Adam, Adam. Adam was formed the earth by the very breath of Yahweh, just like when the breath of Yahweh impregnated a virgin to form Yahshua. Adam like Yahshua was made perfect without the curse of sin. Yet unlike Adam, Yahshua did not give into a sin nature.

Yahshua had to have the ability to sin, in order to be tempted like any other man. A temptation is only a temptation only if there is something that draws you to it. Also the claim made by Paul, imitate me as I imitate Yahshua as well as the admonishment from John to sin not, must allow not only for the possibility that Yahshua could sin, but that mankind themselves could not sin. It is only by the Grace of Yahshua are we able to become a new creation free of a sin nature. So if Yahshua was god, one who cannot sin, then we as humans can never live up to the imitation and sin not standards as it would be impossible. As for the issue of the deity of Yahshua, I grant you as much deity to Yahshua that you grant Adam.

However then what do we do with the Jesus of the Christians? Does a rose by any other name still save us from our sins? A pristinely uncursed Yahshua claims the path to salvation from the second death is one that must be worked out through fear and trembling. The very notion that salvation is not granted until after you finish the race would send most, if not all, hard core Christians into an angry war cry of blasphemy against the notion. Christian would prefer their Jesus who grants them life eternal and understands that man isn’t and can never be perfect. Many believe once saved, always saved with no accountability or growth required for salvation. While few others believe that Salvation is granted but can be lost if you go back to the world. In either scenario, if you pray hard enough and eat all your vegetables, Jesus will wave his magic wand and instantly all those who love him are save, while all the rest are damned because he  is simply inept at granting them salvation, or is a cruel, vindictive, and nepotistic god.

Sounds like something a Greek god would do. Maybe Jesus, or Iesous is the son of Zeus. No, it is far worst in reality. If Yahshua is a pristinely uncursed man who leads us to the Father by example who is not both man and Yahweh, but just a man, then who does Jesus say that he is? Paul talks about a false messiah, the Lawless One, who claims to be a god and makes it so that he will sit in the throne of god. Surely I can’t be saying what you think I’m saying. However with the temple destroyed Paul says that the believers are the new temple of living stones that Yahshua inhabits. Then we have the old Christian cliche “Would you like to invite Jesus into your…?”

The Lawless One, one who says you can never be perfect by claiming to be a god who can never sin, has derailed the true intent of the redemption and has allowed us to not be perfect, just forgiven. The Lawless One comes with only one message, “Do what thou wilt, this is the whole of the law.” Who do that say that he is? A counterfeiter, the one who hides behind the good of the knowledge of the good and evil.

Who do we say that Yahshua is? He is the builder of Yahweh’s design, the enabler of Yahweh’s plan for Humanity. Yahweh to the world will be known as Creator and Yahshua is the reconciler bringing the world, the whole wide world back to Yahweh by allowing us to be remade in His image and purified back to our original pristinely uncursed design. To the believers however Yahweh is our papa, to which we cry Abba father and Yahshua is our close friend mentor that shows us the way to salvation. That’s who Yahshua says that he is. To say differently is to give power to the Lawless one, and to give way to an arrogance that says, He is who I say he is.

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